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CamAid’s Project

For the year of 2016, we are very excited to help Cameroonians to felicitate by enrolling into the universities of Oxford in United Kingdom, Michigan State, Oregon, and California of United States. We are helping the Cameroonians to obtain a scholarship where they didn’t have direction, or the know how to enroll into these Universities. Many Cameroonians are eager to come to the United States the land of opportunity and other countries to further their education to help better their career. CamAid is seeking out students who will like to obtain a Ph.D. or a master degree that is a requirement and have a 3.2 to 3.8 GPA average.
CamAid is calling out the Cameroonians students who want to travel to the United States, United Kingdom, China, and Australia who are interested to further their education. The University of these Countries has a direct communication with CamAid seeking out very bright students who want to learn a higher education internationally. The conditions are that the students will go back to Cameroon to impact their country, cities and their community to give back to their fellow Cameroonians.

As UNESCO has pointed out (see below chart) that Cameroon desperately needs a mass of programs to initiate to help children and young adults alike, to go back to school. Our Dropout Recover (DRP) is the right program that fit this initiative. Join UNESCO and CamAid to eradicate illiteracy that is ramped throughout Africa, especially Cameroon.

UNESCO Africa map stats of lack of education