CamAid’s Project

For the year of 2016, we are very excit­ed to help Cameroo­ni­ans to felic­i­tate by enrolling into the uni­ver­si­ties of Oxford in Unit­ed King­dom, Michi­gan State, Ore­gon, and Cal­i­for­nia of Unit­ed States. We are help­ing the Cameroo­ni­ans to obtain a schol­ar­ship where they didn’t have direc­tion, or the know how to enroll into these Uni­ver­si­ties. Many Cameroo­ni­ans are eager to come to the Unit­ed States the land of oppor­tu­ni­ty and oth­er coun­tries to fur­ther their edu­ca­tion to help bet­ter their career. CamAid is seek­ing out stu­dents who will like to obtain a Ph.D. or a mas­ter degree that is a require­ment and have a 3.2 to 3.8 GPA average.
CamAid is call­ing out the Cameroo­ni­ans stu­dents who want to trav­el to the Unit­ed States, Unit­ed King­dom, Chi­na, and Aus­tralia who are inter­est­ed to fur­ther their edu­ca­tion. The Uni­ver­si­ty of these Coun­tries has a direct com­mu­ni­ca­tion with CamAid seek­ing out very bright stu­dents who want to learn a high­er edu­ca­tion inter­na­tion­al­ly. The con­di­tions are that the stu­dents will go back to Cameroon to impact their coun­try, cities and their com­mu­ni­ty to give back to their fel­low Cameroonians.

As UNESCO has point­ed out (see below chart) that Cameroon des­per­ate­ly needs a mass of pro­grams to ini­ti­ate to help chil­dren and young adults alike, to go back to school. Our Dropout Recov­er (DRP) is the right pro­gram that fit this ini­tia­tive. Join UNESCO and CamAid to erad­i­cate illit­er­a­cy that is ramped through­out Africa, espe­cial­ly Cameroon.

UNESCO Africa map stats of lack of education