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CamAid Cameroon

CamAid is a Non-Profit Orga­ni­za­tion (NPO), 501(c)3 tax-exempt created in Cameroon, Africa, and the United States.

Our Main Mission

CamAid is a non-profit organization located in Cameroon-Africa and the United States registered in the state of Minnesota.  CamAid’s mission is that we are a pass-through conduit to raise funds such as donations and grants.  To help the underprivileged children and young adults by providing, education, school tuition for those who cannot afford it; to provide medical assistance and innovative economic empowerment initiative projects for women; and to provide shelter for refugees, homeless girls, and women.

Our Secondary Mission

CamAid’s Secondary Mission is to benefit current as well as future businesses in Cameroon. We do so by educating and training both existing businesses, and potential future business owners, the youth of Cameroon.

Our emphasis is on cultivating ethics and a culture acceptable to western businesses and international funding entities.

Our dreams and aspirations are to empower businesses in Cameroon to have a clearer understanding of the more acceptable manner and methodology of conducting business. Thus we enable greater awareness and acceptability for our renewed emphasis to implement more transparent and western business protocols and methods of conducting business in Cameroon, as well as satisfy the needs of international investors.

CamAid focuses on both current business and business students—our business leaders of tomorrow—and trains and educates them into more ethical and transparent
methodologies for conducting their business and day–to–day operations.

The reality of our mission dictates that this movement is not an overnight task, but requires a continued approach and process.

Alan E. Williams, Founder, Executive Director and Chairman

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